About last night: Celebrating the ‘unforgettable’ play about Nat King Cole

At the after-party following the West Coast premiere of “Lights Out: Nat ‘King’ Cole” at the Geffen Playhouse in Westwood, Cole’s twin daughters summed up their thoughts about the play. “Unforgettable, in every way,” said Timolin Cole, reciting a little from her father’s famous song. Her sister, Casey Cole, added that the play “captured the essence and spirit of our father.”

Soon after arriving at the party venue, the show’s star, Dulé Hill, greeted the twins with a hug as photographers gathered around them. “That Nat King Cole’s daughters are here and that they have given their stamp of approval, that’s what means the most to me,” Hill told us after the photographers departed. “That they gave their blessing for what I did on the stage tonight — at this moment — nothing else matters to me.”

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